Saturday, May 17, 2014

Lighthouse Tea and Coffee

A few of us enjoyed the new Lighthouse Tea and Coffee shop at the Dixie Lee Farmer's Market Saturday morning.  I would like to encourage this place to be a rolling venue for our group, as interest goes.  Indoor, outdoor seating.  An extremely good (and bottomless) cup of coffee for $2, fair trade tea and coffee.  I can be there many Saturdays, and even if I'm not, we can use the email list to announce if you're likely to be there.  There's also nothing upsetting about a warm mug in solitude if by chance you find yourself the only one to arrive.

This week, we met at 8:00 (they open at 7:30) and my husband and kids came to join me around 9:30 to do some produce shopping....and fresh baked goodness.

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