Saturday, May 3, 2014

First Watch

A group of us enjoyed a carafe of coffee and some extremely delicious breakfast plates at First Watch in Turkey Creek.  Being the first day of the Dixie Lee Farmer's Market, the topic gravitated towards what we do as families to instill a sense of "green" or awareness of where our food comes from with our kids.  There are classmates that may not know that turkey comes from somewhere before or outside of the grocery store.  I personally insist that my kids know that there are farmers and farmland involved. This sentiment seemed to be shared at the table.

Here were some ideas:

  • Behaving with habits that are "green" are likely the most influential.  Rather than talking about a garden, growing one, or growing something in pots.
  • Conversation at meal times about where the food may have come from, and whom was involved in getting it to the table (including the chef).
  • Taking kids to the farmer's market, if that's important to you.
  • Visit U-pick places.
  • Compost kitchen and yard scraps, if that is appealing to you.  Most of us at the table had tried and been marginally successful, but open to learning more about it.
  • Talking about how garbage is a flower and a flower is garbage.  Composting helps with this, to visualize that with the beauty and impermanence of a flower is also the decomposition and dirt of the ground, and visa versa.
Please share other ideas you may have about how you behave like or teach "green" within your family.

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