Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Topics on My Mind

We started last month with some introductions, which will continue as time lapses, and a topic on self-compassion.  Let's make a road map of ideas for future discussions, or electronic threads.  To get the list started, here are some ideas I came up with or have heard from you about:

  • The Loaded Dinner Plate - The toil of consumption, behavior, and expectations (March 20th)
  • Morning Routines - And teaching our bodies to get going.
  • Family Mission - (workshop?) Starting to define our individually unique missions as families, and setting the path through awareness.
  • Child Wholeness - Approaching others from a place where they are whole, worthy, capable, and autonomous.
  • The art of Seeking to Understand first
  • Anger Management - There, I said it.  Tactical tool box for teaching and self-management.
  • Family Traditions - (workshop) What is a tradition and what's the role.
  • Kiddie Yoga - and other calming tools.
  • Spirituality in our Lives - value, purpose and approaches
  • Controller vs Consultant - parent mindset
  • Family Nutritional values "beets" Brussel sprouts
  • Philanthropy
  • Self-Image
Post in the Comments below some additional ideas that come to your mind, or pick a few from above that catch your attention!

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