Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mindful-Parenting Kicks Off

I'm am excited to to make this post on so many levels!

The 'Mindful Parenting Gathering' idea kicked off as a group on Thursday Februrary 20th at Brixx Pizza with Erin, Cathy, Tara, Danielle, Polina, and Abby.

Cultivate a community of families that challenge themselves with parenting from a place of diligence, mindfulness, and human imperfection.  A format to provide each other with support, ideas, and activities throughout our everyday efforts.

Run / Walk / Hike / Ride trips
Parenting-In-Numbers a.k.a. play dates

Moms and/or dads

What's Next:
eCommunication - announced shortly.
Next Night-Out is scheduled for Thursday March 20th at 8:00 with a location TBD (not trivial night at Brixx, woops).

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