Sunday, October 6, 2013

Next Gen

Has the perception that the younger generations are lazier, impolite, hoodlums with bad grammar and listen to terrible music been this way since the dawn of time?  I wonder what generation it was that truly turned into crack pipes, a lesser specimen than their predecessors, if there ever was a tipping point.  Have we been degenerating every since?  This is all the while each wave of parents try their best to raise stronger, smarter, and healthier children, no less.

It is possible our human condition is so attached to familiarity that we failed to see the face of success in our successors.  This would suggest then the unit of measure is flawed.  If different is inherently uncomfortable, and we are measuring them against our agree-o-meter, they will always appear to fail.

How might a culture with this mentality be influenced in how they interact, trust, and enable young folks?

Evolution is both change and inevitable, change is generally disagreeable.  Maybe there is value or intentional-design in this dissonance commonly found between generations.  Maybe it is mental formations that serve us poorly to keep around.

There are many many assumptions above.  There may be assumptions with too big of a gap to jump, making the thought process above complete garbage.  What's out there that might scratch the surface of closing those gaps?

Just in case, post ways in which the Millennials are succeeding us.

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