Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Candy Smorgasbord

Halloween is for dressing up, putting on a different persona, and racking up cute or horrific pictures.  In my family, I encourage costumes that are non-commercial characters with my kids, in hopes that they may play out their own authentic creature.  I love to watch their imagination unfold without the influence of someone's voice-over.

I am also a household of no sugar, which I've come to learn, means they get candy all day long, just not at home under my care.  Halloween is a tricky one, pun intended, with candy filling up their sacs.

We live in a neighborhood behind our kids school, and trick-or-treating is the thing to do on Halloween!  I'm no humbug, but I am that household that hands out packs of fruit gummies, pretzels, juice-based suckers, and pencils. I'm thinking Cuties this year too.  Mini Play-doh containers would work too.

Here's my candy policy when my kids bring home the loot: they get to pick out three pieces of candy to keep.  (I ignore what they eat on the trail).  For the remaining smorgasbord, I get out a stainless steel bowl and a roll of nickels and dimes, and make a big "kerplunk" sounds in the bowl with 5 cents for the little pieces, 10 cents for the big ones.  Regardless of what candy they bring home, I make it worth their while by giving them the purchase power for turning their candy into about $10 of their own.

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