Sunday, July 20, 2014

Fairy Gardening

Lillian (and I) have taken to Fairy Gardening this year.  It is a series of pots sitting in the shade on the brick steps of the house.  There is a bedroom, a kitchen, and a garage so far.  We've spent the season collecting and making items to grow the fairy community.

I made a spider for her out of beads and wire.  Remarkably easy to do.  I saw the idea at our farmer's market one weekend.  Thank you nice lady who's idea I poached.

Butterfly Rides
 Grammy's gift of modeling clay came in good use to make multicolored stepping stones, signs, a bird house, mini bird bath, and a little white bunny who is camera shy.
Friends of the Fairies

Firefly Bath

Fairy Garden Forest

 Bunny among the creeping jenny.
Frog in the geraniums

Butterfly in the Strawberry Patch

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